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"I had to take my son to a minute clinic for what I thought was pink eye. They sent me right to ER where we learned he had a piece of metal in his eye. Dr. Piccone came back to the hospital after leaving for the night to help him and she was amazing. Her bedside manner was wonderful and she handled a very scared little boy so well. She was gentle yet firm and helped him get through the procedure quickly and within 10 minutes all was fine. She made sure to make an appt the very next morning to follow up. Highly recommend. A one-way 45-minute drive is well worth it."

K. Robinson

"Trust your eyes to the best. Seeing better than I ever have before, less than 48hrs after LASIK laser vision correction. As a surgeon, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Piccone as a colleague. I have witnessed first hand her exceptional knowledge and surgical skill. Now I can also say I have had the experience of being her patient. After hesitating on having LASIK for many years prior to meeting Dr. Piccone, my confidence in Dr. Piccone made the decision easy. She took time before the procedure to make sure the degree of correction was perfect. I had several visits and tried contacts with the correction to confirm. The procedure was painless. I can not recommend her highly enough."
R. Jean
"I'm 48 years old and have had glasses/contacts since 3rd grade (somehow, I thought they were cool back then?) but, obviously, I've had my fair share of eye doctors in those years as I moved around and travelled most of my post high school years!  However, recently I had an eye infection & burnt cornea & had to go to the hospital where they recommended I follow up with one of their favored volunteers - Dr. Michele R. Piccone.  Well, I did follow up with Dr. Piccone back in Oct. 2015 and can't begin to say enough good things!!!  She has been incredible!!!  First, unbelievable with treatment of my infection & burnt cornea, eye exam following that which uncovered glaucoma (which runs in the family & I'm sure the last 3 eye doctors missed), a change in glasses prescription and reevaluation of my contacts (strength, size, fit, etc.).  Dr. Piccone has been fantastic, professional, knowledgeable, helpful beyond my years of experience!!!  I would recommend Dr. Piccone to anyone, young or old, new or experienced to needed glasses / contacts / etc.,, or any other eye issue, question, concern!!!  Thank you Dr. Piccone for you service to the community, volunteer work, knowledge, professionalism, care and concern for me and everyone else you serve, as you uphold your high standards of excellence for!!!  You are AWESOME in my book!!!"
Terry B.
"Members of my family have seen Dr. Piccone three times, ALL outside office hours. Each time, she has met us at the office within 15 minutes. The first time, my husband scratched his cornea and was in tremendous pain. She stayed late in the office so she could see him and took excellent care of him. He came home and told me what a kind and caring doctor he had found. The following Thanksgiving morning, I woke up with my eye tearing uncontrollably. "CALL Dr. PICCONE!!" my husband cried. I felt terrible bothering her on Thanksgiving, but she was so friendly and said she'd meet me immediately. My problem was extremely dry eyes, but she didn't make me feel bad. She said it can feel like a stick in the eye and she gave me a number of solutions to keep my eyes from getting dry moving forward. I only needed the first, and have been fine ever since. She is so kind and patient. THIS morning, I called her just before 7am because my 14yo daughter was in agony after putting in her contact lens (and taking it out again, of course). Dr Piccone said she was heading into Philly but could meet us at 7:15. My daughter was frantic with both pain and anxiety about the test she would miss if she didn't get to school. Dr.Piccone said that somehow a chemical had gotten in my daughter's eye, and gave her a special lens and some drops. My daughter felt immediate relief--I could see her shoulders fall and her chest start to move again as she could breath once the pain had lifted. Dr. Piccone knew my daughter didn't want to miss any more school, so she offered to do the follow up Saturday morning. I know coming into the Wayne office means that she spent a lot longer in traffic getting to Philly, this morning, but she didn't say a word. My daughter, who is a typical teen, nevertheless looked at me as we walked out and said, "She was ridiculously nice." Just as importantly, my daughter was no longer in excruciating pain. Dr. Piccone is the best. We are so so grateful for her kindness and her time."
A. Hillman
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